About Us

Trendz was designed to help take the guesswork out of managing your 401(k), and
helps us make confident decisions with a goal of enhancing performance while lowering risk.

Trendz is
Aggressive in “Good Times” and Defensive during “Difficult Times”

  • Trendz makes its judgements based on positive and negative valuations.

  • Trendz wants to keep your investments in positively performing asset classes and away from negatively performing groups.

  • The more often your portfolio is aligned with market preferences, the better your overall performance.

Trendz Advisors, Inc. is a Tennessee registered investment advisor, CRD # 139528. Trendz Advisors uses the Trendz system for investment management. The Trendz system is used to manage about $40 million in discretionary client assets in over 200 customer accounts. Donald Taylor developed the Trendz system in 2001 and received a U.S. Patent for the product in 2008. Trendz is a computerized, numbers based system for asset allocation determination. Trendz believes that by dynamically following the Trends of the Market, better risk based performance can be achieved. Trendz is particularly applicable for 401(k) plan participants.

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